Voices podcast report:
"48% of podcast listeners
have purchased a podcast-
advertised product"


A STUDY by the Voices company in August 2023 claims: “Podcast fans are highly engaged with the podcasts they listen to. What does this mean for creators and organizations? It means that podcasting is an effective tool for growing brand awareness“.

“When a product is endorsed by a trusted figure with whom the audience feels a connection with (the podcast host), listeners will be more inclined to perceive that product or brand favorably, and even take action based on the recommendation of the host”.

Source: Voice

“Keep in mind that podcast enthusiasts actively search for entertaining content, and exciting genres with engaging hosts tend to be the most favored. Advertisements read by these hosts, especially ones that resonate with us, not only boost brand recall but can also become a source of entertainment themselves”.

Podcast advertising is projected to account for $3.53 billion of ad spend in 2026, up from
$2.25 billion this year. The engaged audience that comes with podcasts means that podcasts are a powerful platform for advertising. Advertisers using podcasts for brand placements can benefit from better audience targeting, strong brand recall, higher conversion rates, and more”.